Thursday, May 13, 2010

A year ago today

Well, it has officially been a year since I delivered Colm into this world. We had a little party at home. We bought a cake and had a candle with the number one. It wasn't really his birthday though, since he wasn't due until September. I think that we might call it his feast day instead of his birth day.

I really wanted to let some Sky Lanterns go to remember him, but they didn't get here in time. I ordered them on April 26, so I thought they would get here. Maybe one day before we leave for AK we will let them go over the beach.

My friend Miranda added to my collection of Colm's name in the sand. She went to a place called Honeymoon Bay. The picture is gorgeous.

I feel like maybe we should have done more. I just really miss him and want him back.

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