Monday, June 29, 2009

New sleep schedule?

Out the window.  I am back to not feeling tired and not being able to fall a sleep easily.  Blech.  I guess it is some comfort knowing I was always like this, it isn't just because of the stress and losing my son.

So here I am, almost midnight and wide awake.  Tomorrow it will be hard to wake up, and I will be drained all day.  Then, 10 pm rolls around, or I get into bed and BAM!  wide awake.  Such a viscous cycle.  It doesn't help that D snores...rofl.


  1. The snoring is what gets me. I just give my husband a little (sometimes big) shove and he stops snoring long enough for me to get to sleep. I have told him if it gets too out of hand he is going to make his way to the couch because a grouchy mommy is not a good thing. And a tired mommy makes for a grouchy mommy.

  2. Ain't that the truth! He didn't snore too bad last night but I still couldn't